Cornell Voice™ Online

World-class online voice training for
a VOICE OF INFLUENCE in business

The 'must-have' voice course for business professionals

  • Cornell Voice Online is a pre-recorded online voice course
  • Learn from international keynote speaker and highly sought after voice advisor to business executives, Lucy Cornell
  • Over $10,000 worth of voice training in your pocket
  • 6 hours of pre-recorded theory, practical voice exercises and inspiration
  • Designed over 10 video modules with 18 lectures including homework
  • Work with a class of fellow business professionals in a masterclass environment
  • Learn in your own time at your own pace
  • Accessible on all your devices
  • Jam packed with inspirational voice resources

It’s time to be heard!

In business, do you ...

  • Need to command the room and hold court?
  • Find it difficult to be a voice of influence in meetings, converting deals and holding negotiations?
  • Are not being heard or taken seriously when speaking?
  • Want to be more inspiring and engaging?
  • Wrangle with nerves?
  • Want your voice to have more power and confidence?
  • Need more respect in high stakes meetings?
  • Want to develop your executive presence?
  • Find it tough to get a voice at the table?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these, you are not alone.

Every week, we talk to business people all around the world struggling with these same issues.

Discover the secrets to an empowered, influential and impactful voice in less than 3 months!

Over the last 20 years, Lucy Cornell has personally trained 1,000s of executives in 18 countries and spoken at over 300 events, to inspire people to change their world with impactful, influential and empowered speaking.

She knows the single most neglected opportunity in business is in the voice of its people. No matter what technical skills people have or training they have received, none of that matters if they can’t express themselves and be heard.

Lucy’s central premise is that your voice is designed to express your power. But by the time you become a career professional and are expected to be a voice of influence, this natural expressivity has been civilized and contracted. Having a voice of influence is your birthright. You just need the tools to revive your natural voice.

As a result of working with our techniques, our clients are more confident, more persuasive and feel more empowered. They can assert their position more effectively and are more successful in their career trajectory.

During this course, Lucy has taken her leading edge methodology and the most powerful coaching and training methods, and compressed them into an intensive training course that include tried and tested theory and practice strategies.

Now for the first time ever, Lucy is going to share her distinctive and unique work with you in our Cornell Voice™ of Influence Masterclass.

You’ll be left speechless if you miss this opportunity.

Unlock your voice and make an impact in your business.

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss out on this exceptional content ...

It’s your Voice. It’s your Right.

  • Why your voice matters and how it works
  • Personal voice assessment
  • The story of your voice from birth to adult
  • The 4 Golden Keys to unlocking your influential voice
  • The relationship between voice and power

Securing Presence in the Boardroom

  • Presence in the Boardroom
  • What gravitas feels like
  • 2 little words that pack a presence punch
  • Physical and vocal presence
  • Being compelling: make your audience stop and listen

Discover the Secrets of Breath

  • The natural rhythm of the breath in speaking
  • The diaphragm and why everyone talks about it
  • Unhelpful shallow breathing
  • Do you hold your breath? Why and how
  • The most potent moment of speaking

Taming Nerves and Gaining Control

  • Understand the function of nerves
  • Stay in control under pressure
  • Make wiser choices when speaking under pressure
  • Techniques to manage your nerves
  • Change your relationship with your audience

Enriching Vocal Quality

  • Access and develop your vocal range
  • Unlock hidden parts of your voice
  • Find dominant vocal patterns that compromise your voice
  • Commit to your voice so can be heard
  • Stay committed to your voice in the spotlight

Realizing the Power in Words

  • Understand eloquence
  • The revealing heritage of our words
  • The antidote to fillers – ums, ahs etc
  • Have the audience hanging on your every word
  • Lift your words off the page to make your ideas live

Don't take our word for it ...


Lucy ran a workshop for Gilbert and Tobin’s senior women about asserting their voice in leadership and the feedback was absolutely, overwhelmingly positive.

Sheila McGregor


Gilbert & Tobin Law, Australia


The Voice Advisory’s techniques build confidence in the boardroom. I no longer have senior management telling me they can’t hear me or that I need to be more authoritative.


Former Managing Director and

Chief Financial Officer Citigroup,

Australia & New Zealand


Lucy Cornell has been a great resource for the Young Presidents’ Organization. Having worked with several performance coaches, I can honestly say that Lucy’s instruction was by far the most helpful.

Fulton Collins

2013 – 2014 Chairman Elect YPO WPO Global


Lucy has been an inspiration to barristers in England and Australia. She has helped them make their voices heard, and their presence felt in court.

The Rt Hon Lord Justice Charles Haddon-Cave

Judge of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, Knighted 2011